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Comparative Data

Mechanical aircraft tachometers are notorious for inaccuracy. With PROPTACH® you can now protect your expensive engine investment during take-off and cruise by operating at the exact design RPM, and thus, obtain the full design performance and book fuel flows.

The Aircraft Tachometer that works like a camera.
New PROPTACH-3 with the automatic power-off feature saves the battery from Inadvertent rundown.
It takes a "picture" of your propeller once per second and displays the RPM.
It works from inside or outside the cockpit with any color propeller.

Beware of PROPTACH® Imitators!

These designs preclude equivalent performance. The PROPTACH-3 design incorporates Focused Optics resulting in a significant improvement in performance. The imitations do not.

Above is a graph comparing the PROPTACH-3 with the leading imitator. This charts maximum acquisition distance against background illumination. As you can see, the Focused Optics of the Proptach-3 allows acquisition of the propeller signal up to three times farther at the same illumination, or alternatively, at the same distance requires up to twenty times less illumination.


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