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PROPTACH® Testimonials

"I have an ECI electronic tack in my Beech 33. I have had the fuse come loose on a couple of occasions, causing at minimum a delay in the flight. A few days ago, just after take off from KADS, I noticed that once again the ECI tach had gone blank. I reached into the seat back pocket, whipped out the trusty PROPTACH®, put it on the velcro pad (which I had previously set up) on the glare shield and pressed on, safe in the knowledge that I would not over speed my engine..."

George S.

"I used my PROPTACH® for the first time yesterday... I put the unit up on the glare shield because I did not have any velcro. It was great! I found it much easier to use than looking all the way across the panel where the installed tach is. And no parallax. It felt like a HUD. Now if you could just find a way to put a remote manifold pressure gauge up on the glare shield too, you'd have another big winner..."

Dr. Tim F.

"I purchased a PROPTACH® at Sun & Fun in Lakeland, FL in April of 2004... Anyway, I thought I really didn't need it but after using it I wouldn't go flying without it. What a great gadget! My tach off??? Never!!! Or so I thought. When PROPTACH® read 2400 RPM, my tach read 2250 RPM!!! 'Nuff said! Thanks again..."

Don L.

I love this thing! Bought one in Aug 1991 for my Mooney 2001. Used ever since. Still going strong after 22 years. Mooney's original mechanical tach is terribly innacurate... So what else is new?  I would never fly without this.       Well Done Guys!

                                                                 Charles C.

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